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This database is provided for you to use as a checklist to add books to your collection.  This list only has books that are specifically or largely about Southend.  This is an on-going database and as new books are released they will be added to the list and as old books are found they will also be added to the list, so keep checking back for the most recent up to date list.

Please feel free to print this out and use it for your own records. 


All I would ask is that if you use this on your own website or for anything other than your own personal use either in whole or in part you credit the Southend Timeline for its creation as it has taken a lot of effort and time to compile!

Southend Book Database                                                                                            Version 5: Thursday 1st May 2014 




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 100 years of Transport in Southend  David Durant  Apollo Design 
 A Brief history of Southend Pier 2002   Jane Tavener Southend Council 
 A Brief history of Southend Pier 2013    Southend Council 
 A Century of Iron  Peggy Dowie & Ken Crowe  Southend Pier Museum 0-9514582-0-5
 A Century United The centenary History of Southend United   Peter Miles Shrimper Publishing Limited95597609
 A History of Prittlewell  William Pollitt  Southend CouncilSBN 900690/1
 A History of Southend  Ian Yearsley   Phillmore1860776450
 A Southend childhood  Jim Worsdale  MGA Printing 0-9533685-1-3
 A Spot of Trouble in Southend Roger Robinson Perry Winkle Press 
 Aircraft Spotting  Aero Info  Specilist Aviation Booklet Publishing  
 Airfield Focus (75) Southend (Rochford)  Clayton B Hartley  GMS Enterprises  1-904514-43-X
 Around Southend in Photographic Memories Francis Frith Frith Book Company Ltd 978-1859373132
 Bleriot to BAE146  Leslie Hunt   Woolnough Bookbindings N/A
Britain in old Photographs Southend on Sea 1995 Ken Crowe Alan Sutton Publishing 
 Britain in old Photographs Southend on Sea 2000 Ken Crowe Budding Books 184013150-1
 Britain in old Photographs Southend on Sea Past & Present Ken Crowe Sutton Publishing0-7509-1900-0
 British World Airlines Story  Alan J Wright  Midland Publishing  1-85780-043-5
 By the Dome it's Home  Benjamin Evans & Justin Cole  Grosvner House 978-1-907211-27-0
 Down the line to Southend  Muriel V Searle  Bloombury Books  1870630-46-7
 Ekco Sounds Chris Poole, Peter Brown Estuary Publishing 978-0-9870635-3-2
 Essex and its race for the skys 1900-1939  Graham Smith  Countryside Books 978-1-84674-054-1
 Essex Headlines  Stan Jarvis  Countryside Books  1-85306-826-8
 Essex Tales  David Weaver  Essex Radio  86025-892-0
 Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in and around Southend on Sea  Dee Gordon   Wharncliffe Books 1845630475
 growing up in Southend on Sea 
 Haunted Southend  Dee Gordon  The History Press  10 075246082X
 History of Prittlewell Priory  J W Brrows & Leonard Helliwell  Southend Museum Service   900690-05-4
 History of Southend Museums  Ken Crowe  Friends of Southend Museum  0-900690-22-4
 In search of Tugs Dad  Jim Dickinson   Essex Police
 Joscelyne's Beach Arthur Joscelyne Desert Island Books 1-874287-85-6
 Kursaal Memories: A History of Southend's Amusement Park  Ken Crowe  
 Leigh Hill, Leigh-on-Sea 'From the Broadway to the Railway History, Buildings and People'  Carol Edwards Carol Edwards978-0956220127
 London Tilbury & Southend Railway: A history of the company and line 1836-93 Vol1    Peter Kay  1899890106
 London Tilbury & Southend Railway: A history of the company and line 1893-1912 Vol2  Peter Kay    189989019X
 London Tilbury & Southend Railway: A history of the company and line 1912-1939 Vol3  Peter Kay    1899890432
 London Tilbury & Southend Railway & its Locomotives   R J Essery   860935612
 Maud & Joe A true love story Jim Worsdale Echo Newspapers 
 Maud & Joe revisited Jim Worsdale  Echo Newspapers 
 Milton, Chalkwell & The CrowstoneMarion Pearce Ian Henry Publications 
 Not a Guide to Southend-on-Sea  Dee Gordon  The History Press 978-0-7524-6568-5
 People Who Mattered in Southend & District.  Dee Gordon Ian Henry Publications0-86025-543-5
 Prittlewell a History  Mavis Sipple  JTT Publishing 978-1-906529-12-3
 RAF Southend 1940-1945 Peter C Brown Spellmount978-0-7524-7003-0
 Rambling Repoter Jim Worsdale Lynne Tait Gallery 978-0952955702
 Road to Southend Pier One Man's Struggle Against the Sureillance Society (The)  Ross Clark  Harriman House Publishing  1905641443
 Santa is Coming to Southend-on-Sea  Steve Smallman  Hometown World 978-1-84993-4-25-1
 Ships that pass the pier   Lt Cdr L.D. Redfarn Southend Council  
 Sole Searching: Tales of a Thames Fisherman Paul Gilson Estuary Publishing 978-0957063501
 Some Literacy Associations of Southend-on-Sea  William Pollitt  Southend Council 
 South-east Essex in the Saxon Period A C Wright Southend Museum Service 09006916 X
 Southend Airport  Aero Info  Specilist Aviation Booklet Publishing  
 Southend Airport Through Time Peter C Brown Amberley978-1-4456-1012-2
 Southend at War  Dee Gordon  The History Press 978-0-7524-5262-3 
 Southend at War  Jim Worsdale Progressive Publishing0-9533685-0-5
 Southend & District Antiquarian & History Society Transactions Vol1 No1   
  Southend & District Antiquarian & History Society Transactions Vol2 No1   
 Southend & District Antiquarian & History Society Transactions Vol2 No2 (1932)   
 Southend & District Antiquarian & History Socity Transactions Vol2 No3   
 Southend Before the Norman Conquest  William Pollitt  Southend Council  
 Southend Francis Frith Pocket Album   Francis Frith   Francis Frith   1-85937-822-6
 Southend Hospital 1885-1995    Southend Health Care Trust 1995  
Southend Hospital A Pictorial History (2007) Ros Mortis & Pat Stone Southend Hospital 
 Southend Made Me C Webster 
Southend Memories Dee Gordon Sutton Publishing/History Press978-0-7509-4369-7
Southend Past 1865 - 1940  J R Smith  Essex County Council  0-900-360-52-6
 Southend Palaces of the Silver Screen  Roy Dilley  Phillimore & Co 978-1-86077-680-9
 Southend Pier  Martin Easdown  Tempus Publishing 978-0-7524-4215-0
 Southend Pier Museum Booklet 1991    Southend Pier Museum Foundation 
 Southend Playhouses from 1793 Kennedy Melling Essex Countryside 
 Southend Seaside Michel Rouse Amberley978-14456-0001-7
 Southend Seaside Holiday  Syliva Everritt   Philmore 0-85033-334-2
 Southend Standard History as it happened  Tom King & Fevan Furbank   Standard Recorder.
 Southend Then & Now   Ken Crowe  Southend Museum Service  0900690-47-X
 Southend Then & Now in Colour   Ken Crowe The History Press  978-0-7524-6323-0
 Southend Through Time  David C Rayment  Amberley  978-1-4556-0603-3
 Southend Trollybuses Colin Barker Middleton Press978-1-908-17420-8
 Southend United 50 classic matches  Dave Goody & Peter Miles   The History Press 752430726
 Southend United (100 Greats)  Dave Goody & Peter Miles   The History Press 752421778
 Southend United A-Z and 1992-1999 Update     Dave Goody  Yore Publications 1874427232
 Southend United Centenary Handbook 1909-1910  Clive Leatherdale  Desert Island Football Histories  1905328699
 Southend United Chronicles 1906-2006 (The) A century of local press reports  Keith Roe   Desert Island Books 1905328184
 Southend United FC Roots Hall, Fossetts Farm.     Hephaestus Books  1242827994
 Southend United Football Club Archive Photographs   Peter Miles & Dave Goody  The History Press 752420895
 Southend United Miscellany (The)  Peter Miles & Dave Goody   Shrimper Publishing Limited  955597625
 Southend United The Official History of the Blues  Peter Mason   Yore Publications 1874427208
 Southend United Quiz Book (The)  Chris Cowlin, Peter Miles & Frank Dudley   Apex Publishing Ltd 190444491
 Southend United Under the shadow of war 1934 - 1946  Peter William Baker  Shrimper Publishing  955597676
 Southend Voices  Frances Clamp  Tempus Publishing  0-7524-3215-X
 Southend-on-Sea Angling Guide 1971  Robert Macgregor Associates 
 Southend-on-Sea in old picture Postcards  Stephen Pewsey  Back in Time  90-288-6195-5
 Southend-on-Sea Pictorial History  Jessie Le Payne  Philmore  0-85033-589-2
 Spy in the Sky  Edward Clack  Airbourne Art  0-9520073-0-7
 Spy in the Sky In deffence of Essex   Edward Clack Airbourne Art  0-9520073-4-7
 Spy in the Sky The Beauty of Flight  Edward Clack Airbourne Art  0-9520073-2-0
 Tales from the Place Theatre 1912-2012R Litenstien,Chareles Sharman-cox Guild Publishing 978-0-9574075-0-5
 Tales of Out of School, The First Sixty Years  Southend High School for Girls 
 The Amazing History of Southend Judith Williams Butterfly Cottage Publishing978-0-9566656-6-9
 The Borough Men, The Police in Southend-on-Sea 1840-1969    Essex Police Museum  
The Hospitals of Southend Jefferies & Lee Philmore 0850335914
 The  Life and Times of the Houseboats of Leigh-on-Sea  Carol Edwards    0-9562201-0-X
 The Longest Pier in the World, A pictorial history of Southend Pier 1830-1986  Peggy Dowie & Ken Crowe  Friends of Southend Museum  
 The Prittlewell Prince    Southend Council/Museum of London  1-991992-52-7
 The Rise of Southend  William Pollitt, J H Burrows  J H Burrows & Sons 
 The Secret History of Southend-on-Sea Dee Gordon The History Press 978-0-7524-9804-1
 The Southend Pier Railway  K A Frost  Signal Transport Papers 
 The Southend Pier Railway K A Frost & D J Carson  
 The Southend Story A town and its people  Tom King & Fevan Furbank  Southend Council + Southend Standard  0-9518253-0-5
 The Story of Garons Bakery  South East Echo  South East Echo  
 The Story of Southend Lifeboat   Jack Froom RNLI 
 The story of Southend Pier   Alderman H N Bride Southend Corporation  
 The story of Southend Pier  E W Sheappard  Egon Publishers  905858115
 The Tramways of Southend-on-Sea  V E Burrows  The Advertiser Press  
 The War Story of Southend Pier 1945 A P Herbert  Southend Council  
 The War Story of Southend Pier (reprint 1986) A P Herbert  Southend Pier Museum 
 The War Story of Southend Pier (reprint 1992) A P Herbert  Southend Pier Museum 
 Tiptoe Through the Snowdrops Bob Craven  9781418480226
 True Tales of a Son of Southend  Jim Worsdale    9553368506
 Uncle Fred's History of Westcliff Steve Crancher  0-86025-478-4
 Voluntary Hospitals of Southend-on-Sea 1887-1948  Peter Finch  Southend General Hospital  
 Westcliff Motor Services An Outline History Alan Osbourne & JR YoungFarley978-0-95681-58-0-4
 Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services In Focus  (Vol1) P J Snell & A G Osborne South Anglia productions  
 Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services In Focus  (Vol2)  P J Snell & A G Osborne  South Anglia productions  1-871277-15-9
 Zepplins over Southend  Ken Crowe  Southend Museum Service 978-0-900690-58-7


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