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Special Projects

As well as running the Southend Timeline and the online version of the Sarfend Visitors Book and the Southend Community Archive websites, there is also a couple of "Special Projects" that are slowly burning away in the background, these are a "as and when" collection of bits and pieces, I work on them as and when time permits in-between the websites, the eating, dinking and sleeping!

The Ticket Machine

A special item in the collection of the Southend Timeline is a railway ticket machine

Click the Link for The Ticket Machine page


The Ticket Machine

A Model Southend

One of those on and off and on again projects that I plan to dip into every now and then.

I am slowly (very slowly) scratch building a number of landmarks that once stood in Southend-on-Sea, there is no set plan on what will be built it's all a matter of what I can do, cost and time.

Most will be made from wood, card and sheet plastic.


Click the link for The Model Southend page

A Model Southend

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