Southend Timeline

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The Zeppelin Returns

Southend had little rest before the return of the Zeppelins on the 26th May 1915, again it was the LZ38 commanded by Linnarz the mission was originally to find a safer route to bomb London.

The Zeppelin was first sighted of Clacton at 10:30pm it then turned to go over Southminster where anti-aircraft gunners opened fire.

The craft then turned South and headed for Burnham-on-Crouch, before passing over Shoeburyness, the local 3inch naval guns opened up on the LZ38 which continued on to Southend.

The raid saw some 70 bombs being dropped resulting in three fatalities and three seriously injured, damaged to builds was light.

The Zeppelin then turned to head back over Shoeburyness, when the 3inch navy guns opened up on it once again, the airship carried on its route to pass again over Burnham-on-Crouch before the ground guns picked it up again and opened fire.

Upon reaching the mouth of the River Blackwater LZ38 turned out to sea avoiding the five RNAS fighters that had taken off to intercept.

Two of the fighters were involved in serious landing accidents.

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