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New Military District - The Napoleonic Wars brought about a real threat of attack to the eastern coast by the French, a new military district was set up with the headquarters based in Southend, and a strong naval force under Admiral Nelson was stationed at the Nore. 

Mutiny on the Nore - Great excitement and uneasiness prevailed owing to the outbreak of a mutiny among seamen of the Fleet stationed at the Nore, then preparing for operations against the Dutch.  The revolt first occurred at Portsmouth, and was appeased, but it broke out again in a more serious form in the Thames.  The mutineers, led by a seaman, named Parker, dispossessed the officers of their commands; the ships were moored in a line from Southend to Sheerness and intercourse with London stopped.  The mutineers are said to have frequently come ashore at Southend and visited the 'Ship' although the East Norfolk Militia were encamped at Great Wakering at the time to prevent sailors of the rebel fleet landing.  Lack of provisions caused the men to raid the farm houses of Kent and Essex, and this scarcity, with the impossibility of the men being able to navigate their own vessels, brought about the surrender of the mutineers.  Parker was hanged and eighteen of the others were shot.  Several ships subsequently formed part of the British fleet which shattered the Dutch Navy at Camperdown, the spirit and gallantry of the men being highly praised.

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