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First Theatre - The Southend Theatre was built by Thomas Trotter, between the Minerva Hotel and the old Castle Inn along Eastern Esplanade, to replace the original one which stood by The Hope.  A well known figure at the time Admiral Rowley would be seen acquainting himself of the theatrics here, he was also friendly with an actress, Mrs Powell, who at the end of performances of "Children in the Wood".  It is known that Lady Hamilton frequented the place.  This popular theatre was sold on in 1812 to Mr. Samual Jerrold and finally demolished in 1858.

Nelson's Links - The Lawn's in Southchurch had a secret resident during 1804.  Lady Hamilton, during her time here she gave birth to her second daughter, Emma, and it is thought although not clarified that Lord Horatio Nelson could well have been in attendance at the birth due to his Naval movements around that time.

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