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The Pier Emerges - May. The Act (Geo.IV.Cap.xiix) authorising the construction of the first Pier, received Royal Assent.  Alderman Sir William Heygate, Bart, Lord Mayor of London in 1822-23 who resided at 'Porters in Southend was the chief promoter, and was instrumental in securing the erection of the Pier.  A great celebration ensued as crowds gathered outside Royal Terrace when Sir William emerged waving handkerchiefs to announce Southend's wooden pier had received Royal Assent, the pier was finally going to be built.  The crowds cheered and the band played.  In July the first stone of the embankment of Southend Pier laid by the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Sir William Thompson, MP, as Conservator of the Thames.

Crowstone Septennial Visit - Once every seven years the Crowstone was visited by the Lord Mayor of London.  it was custom to 'bump' the Mayor after which he presented the watermen 2 sovereigns.  The children were entertained by scrambles in the water for money.


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