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Chalkwell Hall by you.Chalkwell Hall is Built - This building at the time considered to have no historical or architectural significance was erected in 1830.  Sitting in the centre of Chalkwell Park and now the home to the art group Metal, who with the help of local authority and Art Council funding turnred the building into a modern art house while lookingafter the historical aspects of this listed building.  The origins of this property have shifted around this park area, nearby the original house was thought to have a moat but fell into disrepair.  Replaced by another house built during the reign of Henry VIII, this fronted onto the estuary and was closer to Leigh, it was finally demolished in 1832. To the east of this building a mound was identified as maybe having some significant finds beneath but when exploratory work was done only a few coins a chain and some cloth were found.  the current property has served as a residence as well as hosting a small zoo during the post war period, even today peacocks are in residence to the rear.

The First Southend Pier was Built - in 1830.  Until that time passengers who wished to disembark from the steamboats from London had to be brought to the shore in small boats and then carried to dry land by watermen.


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