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Disraeli's Second Visit - Benjamin Disraeli enjoyed his trips to Porters Grange, in 1934 however, his trip was accompanied with the recent passing of the Poor Law Act of 1934.  Created shortly after nationwide rioting by the agricultural labourers, the county had real problems keeping up with the rise of unemployment and rising prices.  Disraeli's visit therefore saw the rounding up of the poor and unemployed in Southend and placing them into the Prittlewell workhouse.  The "dole" was now finished, it was the workhosue or find work, many towns and villages saw there population drop as workers saught emplyment in more industrialised areas.  The workhouse in Prittlewell became as Mill Cottages in time and existed on the junction of East Street and Sutton Road, demolished only in the 1960's to make way for social housing.

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