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Beagle Watching - The famous ship that took Charles Darwin on his voayges of discovery lived on after the scientist had finished his trips.  Much speculation is a bound as to what happened to the famous Beagle, but it is known it did take up employment as a coastguard watch vessel for the Southend District, which coevred the shoreline from Leigh to the River Crouch.  There are several small tributaries that ran to the Thames Estuary from the Rivers Crouch and Roach, and the Beagle for its size did cause problems for other river users, so in 1850 the vessel was landed to the side of the river Crouch where it served for another 20 years as a watch vessel.  To find out more about the Beagle read this fascinating article:  Discovering the Beagle

New Water - The town had become famous for its natural waters and drinking fountains were established to capture the pure waters running under the streets.  So it was not too surprising to see mineral water production companies setting up the first of its kind was in 1850 called Harringtons Mineral Water Company Limited.  originating in Rochford, it established itself in premises in Clarence Street and in 1897 moved to London Road, coincidentally at a time when another drinks firm set-up called Ledlicotts Ltd, noted for its innovative grape-fruit squash.

Peculiar People - This religion was founded in Rochford in 1838, the first chapel was opened in North Road in Prittlewell in 1850.

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