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East Street by you.

New School Moves In - Prittlewell became even more established in 1868 with the arrival of St Mary's School in East Street.  The school originally goes back to the 15th century when it was established by the Jesus Guild.  The school however in 1998 moved again to take over the vacated school premises on Boston Avenue formerly Southend High School for Girls.  The East Street school buildings subsequently came under the use of South East Essex College.

The Porters Estate Reduces - Porters known today as the Mayor's Civic House; but was in its time one of the most prestigious estates in the county.  1868 saw the land mass reduce considerably prior to this the estate extended down to the coast.  But with an exact division by ten the land was auctioned off for development.  The house and 29 acres of land were sold to a famous name James Heygate whose family were instrumental in the development of the town.

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