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A Princess at Porters - Princess Louise, 4th daughter of Queen Victoria, who married the Marquis of Lorne (afterwards 9th Duke of Argyll) in 1871, inhabited 'Porters' for a short time. Miss Tawke, in her 'Recollections' wrote: 'I think Lord Lorne (as he was at that time) was going through a course at Shoebury'. This would probably be when he was a young officer, about the time of or soon after his marriage.

New Church - A gothic styled church had its foundation stone laid in 1871.  The Park Road (Wesleyan) Methodist Church stood at the corner of Avenue Road and Park Road.   A 'school chapel' was built in 1870.  Today it is a warehouse for furniture.

Taxi - During 1871 and 1871 the local board licensed the very first Hackney Carriages.  "First Class" carriages charged 1s per mile. and "Second Class" was 9d.


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