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Southend Gets Larger - The 1881 census shows the population of Southend as 7,979, although improvements to the rail system would certainly accelerate the rate of increase.  In 1892 the population went over 12,000.

Warrior Square Develops - AT the corner of the High Street and Southchurch Road a 13 acre field was divided into lots and auctioned off for the speculative development of shops and houses.  A central park had already been laid out and would remain in place for the benefit of the residents, on payment of an annual fee of 1 guinea.

Southend Park Sold - Mr Steward who owned Southend Park decided to sell up this year, offering the land for sale for £800, the offer was refused much to his benefit as he later sold it privately for £2,800.  The land continued as a park for a short while, however the longer term intention of purchase started to take form with houses springing up, so much so that the park save the street names around it is no more.  If still alittle confused as to where it was find the Park Tavern on London Road and consider the land behind it and the roads that form a natural perimeter.

Southend Park Freezes Over - The park situated south of London Road gained an added bonus during the winter of 1881 as the lake in the park froze over adequately enough ice skating was permitted.  This activity captured the imagination that by mid January lights had sprung up around the lake to allow evening skating, and small fires were lit around to keep those watching warm.

Pier Train Closes - Southend Pier was served well up until 1881 with the horse drawn railway which provided passengers and easier way of connecting with the steamers waiting for them over a mile away.  The railway in an electric format would not open again until 1890.


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