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A Year of Planning - 1882 was a year of discussion and dialogue through the Local Board.  The original pier was becoming a hazard, and inspections were taking place revealing that the structure was becoming increasingly dangerous.  Talks were happening to have a new iron built pier put in its place, and finding the right contractor and financier to make this happen was an ongoing process. 

A new rail line to link Southend with the rest Essex was under discussion and getting closer to reality. 

Electrification of the street lighting across the town was being posted as happening at the end of the year.  Indeed at the Leigh Industrial Exhibition one of the most popular stands was one exhibiting the amazing electric light.  The route between the Cricketers and Prittlewell was especially picked out as needing urgent lighting to prevent people falling into ditches

Southend Regatta took place bringing throngs of visitors into the town.  A whole host of yachting and boating races took place, as well as land based activities.  The Southend Regatta this year was considered to be a tremendous success by the organisers and a celebratory lunch took place in the autumn. 

Garon a famous name with catering and retail businesses much later in Southend's future, was becoming known around the town but in this year mainly as an Estate Agent. 

The Police force in the town amounted to 4 constables, and there was growing concern over the rough nature of Southchurch and how dangerous it was for females walking through the area.  The one and only mode of transport was a bicycle owned personally by one of the constables.  The force was trying hard to push through recommendations that Essex Police invest in more bicycles (that would of course only be used only for official business), but the public were concerned, as they knew on regular occasions dispatches needed to be taken to Chelmsford and the only way of doing this was through a 2 hour bike ride. Could the town cope while this peeler was making his way through the wilds of Essex, particularly the females of Southchurch. 

The Local Board came under a lot of criticism during the year over the building of Queen's Road.  The general members of the board were very upset that they were being presented with a done deal before they had the chance to discuss it.  Heated discussions occured which at one meeting led to it being  stoppped halfway through. 

There was lots of talk about the provision of water to Prittlewell and the objection of the Prittlelite residents there fearing there properties would then have a higher value, and attract more taxes.  It was agreed to provide this modern utility to only those that wanted it. 

Water was a key conversation in 1882, including the installation of a drinking fountain outside Trinity Church, although this facility was really wanted by visitors and locals alike, a homeowner objected to its placement more or less outside his house, but this was finally approved, much to the relief of the thirsty hoards.

Clarence Road Baptist Church - Formed in May 1882 by Rev. J.G. Wilson and 45 members, all of whom had split from Southend Baptist Tabernacle. Services were held in the Public Hall in Alexandra Street until 1883 when an iron building was erected in Clarence Street. A permanent building opened on 17 May 1889 adjoining the iron building which was thereafter used as a lecture hall. The church was demolished in 1981 and new premises were erected c .1982

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