Southend Timeline

Bringing Your Memories Back to Life


Earthquake - The earth shook all the way down the eastern counties to Southend at 9.20 am on 22nd April 1884.  Across the town as people stood shocked at this totally new experience, the bells in the church towers rang, buildings shook and damage was incurred across the town, including the Royal Hotel on Pier Hill. 

All Aboard -  The train expansion just continued on and on with Shoeburyness finally achieving the accolade of 'end of the line'.  With a direct line between Barking and Pitsea installed later on the journey from London to Southend was increasingly shortened in length and time.

Westward Ho! - Charles Tilleard Natusch a renouned architect put his mark on Southend seafront with the building of the Westward Ho! Hotel a tall dominant building on Western Esplanade.



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