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St Alban's Church by you.St Alban's Church is Complete - St John's Road in Westcliff saw the completion of St Alban's Church, (so the books say).  The church however says something else a plaque on its west facing wall says 1898.  Could the church have taken four years to build?  The tin hut to the rear of the church was indeed the original church and still stands today and is regulalrly used by the community. Google Map

The West Cliff Hotel suffers a bad fire on 26th June 1902.

First bandstand erected on the cliffs

The current bandstand, sited in Priory Park is a modern relation to the original version sited opposite Prittlewell Square on the cliffs.  The bandstand always was and is an English institution, by sea or in land.  Southend's bandstand became very popular drawing hundreds to listen and dance to music of the time.  An image of the original bandstand will be placed here soon.

Water-Chute Built - The corporation always wanting to expand its tourist offer built a water chute east of the pier entrance complete with basin which would be filled with seawater.  This venture proved to be a disaster and was dismantled in 1904, leaving the basin intact, which would later be used as a home for replica ships such as the Golden Hinde.


Westcliff Hotel Arrives - Southend was rapidly expanding its tourist offer which naturally attracted the demand for hotels that could cope with the longer stay visitor.  Westcliff had the space and along it's shore frontage and just up on the Palmeira Parade appeared an elaborate hotel designed by J. Edmondson called the Palmeira Hotel.  It boomed up until the 60's, when the resort found it's legs and realised it catered mainly for the day visitor.  Therefore, this type of huge hotel had had its day.  In 1978 it was demolished, to be replaced by retirement flats.

Westcliff Baptist Church - was founded in 1896 by Rev.William Frith, and met in an iron building on the S. side of Station Road, Westcliff. In 1902 the church moved to a new building in Valkyrie Road, but after only a few months "there was a split there" . The church in Valkyrie Road was put up for sale; it became occupied by Westcliff Free Evangelical Church, much later to become the HARP homeless centre. For a time after leaving Valkyrie Road, services were held in the home of Mrs Binstead of Oakhurst, Crowstone Road, Westcliff, and on 20 May 1903 Westcliff Park Tabernacle was opened in an iron building on the N. side of London Road opp. Crowstone Road. A plot of land on the S. side of London Road [the present site] was purchased from the Chalkwell Hall Trust in 1914 for the erection of a permanent church building.



Southend Technical College in Victoria Avenue is Opened -Southend maintains a strong desire to provide a solid education system of value to it's citizens.  The Technical/Municipal College went a long way to establishing this path in 1902.  Therefore, on 13th September when this building was finally opened it proved to be the start of an important milestone in Southend's educative history.  The foundation stone being laid by Lord Avebury, and the opening ceremony was performed by the Countess of Warwick.  In the building were grouped the Secondary Day School, the School of Art and Evening Classes.

Southend's New Fire Station- It wasn't until 1902 that Southend acquired its first full time fire service.  A centrally placed headquarters and purpose built station in Tyler's Avenue.  The service expanded further with a satellite unit based next to the Cricketers Pub to serve Westcliff, overseen by the Landlord of the pub a volunteer Fireman.

Garon's Arrives - One of Southend's must enduring and famous businesses arrives in the High Street in 1902.  H. Garon Ltd. of Southend, butchers, fishmongers, caterers, restaurateurs, fruiterers, greengrocers, bakers, ice manufacturers, took over on a 7 year lease Ilford House, High Street, Southend-on-Sea.

Cricket Club Formed - Westcliff Cricket Club was formed in 1902,. today they play at Chalkwell Park, a firendly club always welcoming new members. Website  Google Map

First Council Estate - An expanding town needed affordable housing and the first truly municipal housing estate was the Ruskin estate, off Sutton Road.  The housing stock consisted of 40 properties put up at a cost of £14,447.  Google Map

Daniel Scratton - Lord of the manor of Prittlewell died. 







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