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St Paul's Church by you.New Congregation for Westcliff - St Paul's church was consecrated 23rd September 1922 by the Bishop of Chelmsford.  Allowing a new flock to worship at a small but finely built church in Summercourt Avenue.  The site also housed a natural spring pump which allowed parishoner's an opportunity to drink what was considered to be very healthy water, no doubt to cleanse the soul.  The church was originally built with a small spire positioned centrally on top of the tower this has subsequently been removed as can be seen absent from the image above.

Circus in Town - Lord John Sanger's Circus arrived in Chalkwell Park in September 1922.  Some of the acts included the Sanger's Famous Mammoth Comedians who were performing a mirth making act called: ' Elephant Barbers';  also on the menu were Human Sea Lions, Hindoo Snake Charmers,Lone Face and his North American Indians (apparently the only savage troupe in Europe), not forgetting the most famous circus clown of the time Pimpo.

Roadworks - Southend in 1922 was going through a travel plan operation of road building and widening, to cope with the expanding population and throngs of visitors coming to the town.  Key projects included the finishing of Prittlewell Chase/Boulevard.  The road from Cuckoo Corner to Sutton Road.  As well as the widening projects including outside the Hamlet Court Schools on the London Road where the school railings were pulled right back.  West Street too underwent widening by the Vicarage (now BP garage).

General Election

15th November 1922 


Southend                                          Majority 6,881

  • Viscount Elvedon Con 17,920
  • HD Walker Liberal 11,039


New Manager for the Blues - Ted Birnie took congtrol of team affairs in 1922 and lasted at the club until 1934.

Southend in the News - The "Southend Telegraph" newspaper published its first issue on March 31st, 1900. It was renamed the "Southend Pictorial Telegraph" in 1922, and later that same year, was renamed the "Southend & County Pictorial".  It provided a revolution within local paper cricles by providing for the first time concentrated efforts in each edition of immages of around the area and beyond but also local dignitaries, weddings and funerals of the day as well as sporting teams from all over the area.  Southend too was going through as always a period of change and this too was reflected within the images in the Pictorial.

Industrial Exhibition -  in March the Kursaal hosted the Rotary Industrial Exhibition.  This event was a showcase for artisans and industry in general boosting the town's expectations towards better times ahead, post war.  Visitors could see a potter at work, fabrics being painted, a full dairy in operation, hosiery making as well as artificial flower making.  The exhibition ran from Saturday 18th until Saturday 25th March each day afforded a special guest to open the day's activities the first day saw the Lord Mayor of London Sir John Baddeley doing the honours; the last day of the event Sir George McLaren Brown KBE., opened the exhibition.

Castle Hotel to be Built - This artist's impression of the new Castle Hotel was promoted in 1922 as being built on the corner of Camper Road and Eastern Esplanade.  The original Castle Hotel which was further west along Eastern Esplanade towards the Minerva Hotel was not finally demolished until 1925.

The Ambassador's Theatre - Here is an advert for the Theatre in Tyler's Avenue, this was a very popular theatre extremely ornate inside. Which unfortunately has long gone due to the over population of such entertainment venues in the town and the inevitable competition that ensued.

This Year's Panto - The Hippodrome in Southchurch Road was the stage for the annual town's pantomime, this year 1922 the treat would be Dick Whittington.  Victoria Carmen took the lead role as "Dick".  Audiences were enticed to the show with Dick Whittinson's amzing Diamond Ship, composed of a myriad of crystals.

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