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St Mary's Church Tower Restored - The most prominent church in Southend, or more appropriately Prittlewell for its age has under gone a number of benchmark repairs and restorations.   St Mary's ChurchAfter all there is evidence the building goes right back to when Christianity was first introduced to the England.  1924 saw the start of work on the tower completed in 1925.

Bad Fire - A large fire destroyed a number of properties in Tyler's Avenue, Southend on 4th July 1924.  Starting at Hamcock's Furniture Depository and spreading along to engulf Southend Fire Station which too was completely destroyed.

Law Court Opens -  Southend's growing size demanded a more suitable localised legal system; 1924 saw the opening of the new Southend Police Court by Mayor W. Miles.


Bronze Age Man Found - Excitement hit the brickfields of Thorpe Hall as a skull of a Bronze Age man was found on 20th February 1924.

Westcliff High School for Boys Established -  Since 1920 Westcliff High School was accommodated for boys and girls in the Belsfield site on Victoria Avenue.  However, plans were a foot by the Town Planners to turn the Victoria Avenue area into civic buildings so there was always goign to be aneed for the school to find a new home.  The foundation stone for the new Westcliff High School for Boys on Eastwood Lane was put down in 1924, the school then followed at a cost of £58,510 and opened for boys in the summer term of 1926.  The girls were left behind at Belsfield for a further five years, but eventually did move over to buildings adjacent to the boys.

Corporation Pier Built - A tiny pier in comparison to its much longer brother appeared this year. 

Corporation Pier

Opposite the gasworks and alongside a gas jetty off Eastern Esplanade.  In later years it became a hot battle for development as a platform for a high quality restaurant.  It was finally cleared from the seafront in 2007.

General Election

 29th October 1924


Southend                                        Majority 12,493

  • Viscount Elvedon Con 23,417
  • JD Young Liberal 10,924
  • SA Moseley Lab 3,144








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