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 A Footballer Born - Welcome Frank Dudley on 9th May, a prolific Centre Forward who wore Southend United's shirt before moving on to the heady clubs of Leeds United and Southampton.  After retiring Frank became Southend's Youth Coach. 

The Castle Goes - A common pub on Marine Parade was removed permanently from the seafront in 1925.  Workmen demolished the Castle Hotel.

A127 Opens - To enable Southend to become a key destination for people and business the need for a key road wasn't just needed, it was demanded; 25th March 1925 saw the opening of an important stretch, by HRH Prince Henry, that would finally allow the town to start building to its full potential.  The road is also known as 'The Arterial' or 'Princes' Avenue', and has built up to being a dual carriageway along its full length.






Leigh Horticultural Society Formed - From a meeting of gardeners on Thursday 4th June 1925, came the forming of the Leigh Horticultural Society, at Elm Hall in Elm Road.  Over the years the society became well known for it's flower shows in Chalkwell Park and the affiliation of the Manchester Drive Allotment Society.  They celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2000 at the Chalkwell Park Rooms.

Southend's Father Dies - Robert Arthur Jones dies on 23rd May 1925, and was buried with the full respect of the whole town.  Scenes of mourning were unprecedented for this statesman who was instrumental to the creation of this town.  He was buried in the grounds of Priory Park the place he donated to the town for the benefit of the town's people forever.  A jeweller by trade who's premises stood out on the High Street and even to today can be recognised with the clock protruding from the facade.

St Luke's Church - The foundation stone was laid for the temporary St Luke's Church building (now used as one of the Church Halls) in November 1925.  The church is located on St Luke's Road off Bournemouth Park Road.  Records show the first Parochial meeting was held on 26th January 1927. At this time St Luke's was part of the Parish of St Mary's Prittlewell. The District of St Luke was separated from St Mary's and the Reverend C N Wardle-Harpur appointed as the first Vicar at St Luke's on 20th November 1931.

In 1958 the Church Council approved plans for the new Church building, and in September 1959 the foundation stone for the new Church was laid. On Saturday 15th October 1960 the new church was Consecrated, and the First Communion took place on Sunday 16th October 1960 at 8am.




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