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Seafront Boating Lake Opens - A remarkable landmark that would prove to be a signature for Southend seafront opened in 1931.  This boating lake would become a scene on many a Southend postcard. 





Westcliff High School for Girls opens.

Countess Elected - This would the last time the Countess of Iveagh would stand for election; on 27th October a straight battle ensued between the Tory Countess and her Labour opposition with a significant vote in favour of the Countess, the results:

Countess of Iveagh (Conservative) 46,564

Mr AE Bechervaise (Labour) 7,741

Providing a Conservative majority of 38,823

Southend Stadium Opens for Dogs  Located off Sutton Road this shiny new stadium welcomed a new sport to the town.  The first greyhound meeting ran in September 1931.  This ground became famous for the running of the Thames Silver Salver.  The last ever meeting was on Boxing Day 1985.  The site now belongs to Mecca Bingo and Matalan to name just two.

police vehSouthend Road Patrol Formed -  Southend Police due to necessity of the expansion of the road network and the increasing number of visitors coming into the town by car, set up on 18th March 1931 a seperate Road Patrol.  The force's fleet was made up then of 4 cars, a single motorbike and 3 motorbike combinations.

Lifstan Way Constructed - A direct road from the White Horse to the Easter Esplanade was being built this year, to be called Lifstan Way, perpetuating the memory of the gift of the Manor of Southchurch, by Lifstan the monk, to Christ Church, Canterbury well over a thousand years ago.  The original measurements of this road was 1,440 yards long and 60 ft wide between fences, with a 36 ft carriageway.  There were two 6 ft, gravel paths and two 6 ft grass ways.  The carriageway will be finished in clinker, hard core and tarred macadam.  Work started on 1st October.

Saxon Arch Found - As if PrittleweSt Mary's Churchll's St Mary's Church did not have enough history.  1931 saw another discovery in the shape of a Saxon Arch discovered in the north wall.  Confirming that on this site was one of the first christian churches in the country.



Station for Southchurch - A new rail station arrived in 1931.  Southend East, so called to try and spread the visitors to the town along the seafront.

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Kiwi's Play Cricket - Essex County Cricket played host at Southchurch Park to the New Zealanders in August 1931. Essex to their credit drew the match.

Southchurch Hall and Gardens - A significant piece of history received great attention.  The first Mayor of Southend Thomas Dowsett J.P. on behalf of his family donated Southchurch Hall and gardens for the enjoyment of the people of Southend.  On 2nd June 1931, Dowsett's son also called Thomas, formally opened the hall after restoration as a library for the town. The grounds were opened seperately by the then Mayor Alderman Albert Martin.

Southchurch Hall by you.

General Election

 27th October 1931


Southend                                         Majority 37,823

  • Countess of Iveagh Con 46,564
  • AE Bechervaise Lab 7,741


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