Southend Timeline

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British Homes Stores opens their first store in Southend High Street




Belfairs Nature Reserve open

Southend High School for Boys opens

Earls Hall School Opens


 A 1938 seafront view

Telephone Use Booming - As technology improved and the availability widened to access private telephone lines the number had reached an amazing 21,247.

Searing Sun -  The Daily Sketch ran a frontpage photo on Monday 1st August 1938, of a packed beach on Southend seafront, reporting the tempearturea hitting the 80's and thousands of holidaymakers sleeping on the beach and around the pier, due to packed guesthouses and hotels.

Pride of Westminster launched - A new boat service from Westminster to Southend was launched in April 1938.  To provide an alternative to conventional land transport, this service would take passengers the full route from Central London to Southend Pier.


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