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D-Day Relic - The MulberryThe Pheonix, mulberry harbour one of 135 units that were built on the banks of the river Thames. This particular unit was one of several that were anchored in the Thames awaiting movement round to Dungeness on the Kent coastline, having broken away from its anchor the Phoenix ran aground & broke into 2 pieces where it has remained.

Mulberry Harbour

This historic monument to World War 2 is still very visible form the shore line and one of Southend's markers showing the important role the town played during the war.

Another Ship Attacked - On 20 September 1944 RFA War Nizam, a tanker, was bombed and damaged off Southend in the Thames Estuary. One of the crew was killed.

Quads Arrive - Southend Hospital notched up its first delivery of quads to the wife of a Westcliff airman, in December.

Westcliff Cosmetics - Mrs Pearce founded in 1944 Vivette Laboratories Ltd of Westcliff, it main lines were produced for export.



Shoebury Park Opens -  Once a series of sandpits, this site between Ness Road and Elm Road covering 20 acres, provides a fishing lake, playing fields and ornamental gardens.  It was acquired by the Corporation in 1933 and turned into a public access park in 1944, it became a very popular attraction.  The fishing lake is one of the flooded sandpits.

Richard Montgomery - August 1944 a liberty ship called the Richard Montgomery loaded with a cocktail tonnage of munitions broke it's back while at anchor in the Estuary just 5 miles from the Southend coast.  This wreck's masts stick out of the water today, and due to it's cargo is clearly marked out for passing ships to avoid.  The explosives on board are inspected on an annual basis, and naturally over time the load has shifted making it very unstable.  A decision will need to be made in the next couple of years as to what to do with this site before it does it for them; it is expected if the load did explode it would create flooding issues for the closer coast of Sheerness but also Southend.


Read an excellent account here of the story of the Montgomery: Click

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