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Leigh Fire Station Opens - Controversially on the site  of Brickhouse Farm.  A location that was deemed suitable for preservation in 1961, but was turned down.  

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Formal Opening - Leigh Fire Station was formally opened on Friday 28th March, performed by Mr AJ Frame MBE, Her Majesty's Inspector of Fire Services.  The site was formally the 18th-19th century Brickhouse Farm.  This long awaited modern fire station would serve the west side of the borough replacing the old fire station in Elm Road.  



Southend Constabulary Joins Essex Police on 1st April 1969

A Cricketer Born - Alan Mullaly was born in Southend, but emeigrated to Australia at an early age where he honed his cricketing skills, particularly as a bowler.  He returned to the UK to play county cricket for Hampshire and Leicestershire.  He also represented England from 1996-2001.


Westcliff Open Air Pool Closes - These swimming facilities had been in the town since 1915.  Providing a venue for school competitions and visitors a much needed swimming point when the tide is out.


Flavour of the Year 

Cliffs Pavilion

Pavilion Showtime

Don't miss the third edition of Southend's most successful show.


Another Full Company of First Class Artistes

including the famous

John Tiller Girls

John Tiller Girls 1969 by you.


MAY Warrior Square Swim Centre Opened by HRH the Duchess of Kent


The swimmers of the town braced themselves for this Royal opening on 20th May 1969.  A centre of late that has had its physical problems around the build which has resulted in the need for a new swimming pool to be developed at the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre.  The Olympic Dive Centre is due to open in October 2010.

Cecil Jones High School Opens - A new type of school arrived to the county borough in the shape of a 'Comprehensive'. Cecil Jones named after one of the town's most famous benefactors and servants occupies a site off Eastern Avenue

British Home Stores Opens in Southend - Modern retail landed firmly in Southend High Street this year with the opening of a new purpose built BHS.  The store building stood out against its older peers in the road, and probably at the time BHS was considered as some young upstart.  Changes were happening too at the Victoria Plaza end of the High Street, and soon the buildings south of BHS would eventually succomb to modern development to the north of the town.

SEPTEMBER I Hear an Echo - The Evening Echo made its first appearance on Southend's streets on Evening Echo 25th September 200729th September 1969.  Its frontpage deplored the cost pf spending £3,000 on murals decorating the outside of Southend Hospital. Check out the Echo website: Click

New Pub - The Golden Goblet entered the Southend pub trail by opening on the northern outskirts of the town on the junction of Eastern Avenue and Hamstel Road. A new fresh design almost in a church like style for those who worship the enjoyment of a beer.  The pub changed names to the Invisible Man, but became a victim of social life and is no more, replaced by a pre-packed, pre-made dropped in McDonalds.











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