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Rugby League - A brave venture starting out in September 1984 came to an end in April 1985; Southend Invicta's were and currently are the onlhy Rugby League team to have played at a league level in the town.  Ther home was Roots Hall and venture was hoped to be equallty sound for both the sport of Rugby League and Southend United.  However, the sport did not catch on and the final game demonstrated this with a mere 85 turning out to see the Invicta's losing 24-16 to the Huddersfield Barracudas.  Two day's later they appeared at Blackpool to lose again, and this proved to be the final Rugby League game played under a Southend banner.

New Primary - Fairways Primary School in Leigh-on-Sea was formed in 1985

Southend Stadium Has Had Its Chips - A notable day for Southendians as the last Greyhound Meeting was held at the Southend Stadium on Boxing Day.  Within 2 months the site was razed to the ground and turned into the current Greyhound Shopping area.  The Stadium had famously been home to Southend United until 1955.  It had also played home to a number of other amateur clubs, but still chiefly remained as a venue for greyhound racing.  This sport however was dwindling in popularity through the 70's till it's final meet.  The only saving grace for the stadium in it's latter years would be the Council sponsored annual firework display which was very popular.






The Southend Band - The Southend Band has its roots back in the early part of last century. Its ancestry can be traced back through Southend United Football Supporters' ClubSouthend Band Band, Southend British Legion Band, Southend Ambulance Brigade Band, Southend Civil Defence Band and the Southend Military Band. In 1985 the band was appointed to the honorary position of ‘Official Town Band’ by Southend Borough Council. 

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