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Belton Hills

Belton Hills in Leigh - becomes an official Nature Reserve in 1999.  This area to the west of Leigh Town Centre provides sanctuary to many species including the rare Shrill Carder Bee only found in seven other areas in the UK.  The Belton Hills also has stunning views across the Estuary or towards Canvey Island and beyond.

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Eastenders - The TV cameras were rolling in Old Leigh in May, as Eastenders the popular BBC Soap came again to Southend.  This time Ricky and Bianca were the focus of the story along with the rest of the Jackson family including mum Carol, sister Sonia and brother Robbie.  The cameras followed the main couple walking through Old Leigh, The Crooked Billett and Osborne Seafood stall featured.

Chairman Dies - Vic Jobson passed away in 1999, a chairman who was well known for making more enemies than friends but probably was a key player in ensuring the club at its worst ebb survived to fight another day.

Southend Receives a Formal Visit - The town shone like a new pin on 12th March 1999 for the official visit by HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Southend-on-Sea.  It had been a while since a serving monarch had visited in this official capacity.  Probably the first time for the Queen and Prince Phillip to visit the seaside venue.


Note: This footage was salvaged from a badly damaged VHS video cassette that had de-spooled all the tape in to what looked like a plate of spaghetti, much of it was creased or split so the quality has been badly effected.


The Palace Closes - A production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night formed the poignant backdrop as the Palace theatre closed its doors on Saturday 14th March 1999 for nine months with the loss of 42 jobs.

Palace Theatre 1912

When the theatre returned as promised later the same year, the new Artistic Director was Roy Marsden a well regarded actor in his own right.




World Record - Southend Girl's Choir officially broke a world record recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records, by performing at the highest altitude at 36,000 feet above Australia.


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