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Southend 999 Emergency Services Spactacular.


The Southend 999 Emergency Services Spectacular, was held on Western Esplanade and featured all the emergency services taking part in demonstrations of what they do in an emergency.

The Ambulance service would demonstrate first air, the Police would show how they investigate crime and put the Police dogs through their paces whilst the Fire Brigade would demonstrate chip pan fires and how they cut people out of cars.

Other services  show would be St John’s Ambulance with First Aid skills, the RNLI, the Coastguard and the RAF with their Air Sea Rescue Sea King helicopter.

The grand finale would see the three main services combine in a full scale rescue demonstration of a major incident occurring in the main arena, this was normally a major road traffic accident involving cars, trucks and a bus.

The event was first staged on Saturday 20th July 1991, the 1992 event formed part of the town centenary celebrations and was sponsored by Pearl Assurance the same year also saw an appearance from actor Graham Cole who played PC Tony Stamp in The Bill.



Actor Graham Cole who played PC Tony Stamp in ITV's "The Bill"





Actor Stephen Beckett who played PC Mike Jarvis on ITV's "The Bill"


The 1996 event included another appearance from Graham Cole the event was sponsored by Perrys Cars.

The programme ran as:

Saturday 15th July

12:00—12:15 Essex Ambulance Service

12:15—12:30 Essex Fire Service

12:10—1:00 MoD Police Dogs

1:00—1:45 Becontree Brass Band

2:00—2:45 Worthington Civic Band

2:45—3:15 Chalkwell Life Guard

3:15—3:30 Essex Ambulance Service

3:30—3:45 Essex Fire Service

3:45—4:15 MoD Police Dogs

4:15—4:45 Essex Fire Service

4:45—5:00 Essex Ambulance Service

5:00—5:30 Sea Rescue (RNLI, Coastguard & RAF Search & Rescue Helicopter)



Sunday 16th July

10:30—10:45 Essex Fire Service

10:45—11:00 Essex Ambulance Service

11:00—11:15 South Eastern Working Newfoundlands

11:15—11:45 Thundersley Brass band

11:45—12:00 Essex Ambulance Service

12:00—12:30 Essex Police Dogs

12:30—12:45 Essex Fire Service

12:45—1:15 Thundersley Brass band

1:15—1:30 South Eastern Working Newfoundlands

1:30—1:45 Essex Ambulance Service

1:45—2:30 Battle Ground High School Jazz Band

2:30—3:00 Chalkwell Lifeguards

3:00—4:00 Setting up of scenario

4:00—5:00 Scenario

5:00—5:30 Thanksgiving Service




Event Dates:

1st Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 1991.

2nd Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July 1992.

3rd Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 1993.

4th 1994

5th Saturday 15th &  Sunday 16th July 1995

6th Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 1996



                         A gunman opens fire during the police dogs demonstration.                                         But is soon taken down by a Police Dog!




Fire Fire Brigade delaing with a gas bottle fire.                                                      and why you must NEVER use water on a chip pan fire


The weekend culminated with the three main emergency services coming together to preform the big rescue scenario where a major road traffic accident had left people trapped in the wreckage of their cars...



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