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 Southend Timeline
Bringing Your Memories Back to Life
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The Southed Timeline reflects a fascinating history of Southend-on-Sea in Essex.  Designed as a 'discover and explore' website, the more you click the more you discover.  You can travel in time from yesterday to the earliest of years; reminisce, check facts, or enjoy the longer features that will surprise you about the history of this small corner of England featuring highwaymen, and amazing voyages of exploration that did not go too well. 


Your Timeline, Your Help Our History

The Southend Timeline is designed with you in mind; Southend, Essex, England the World is lived in by you and your friends and family, and to get the true understanding of what The Southend Timeline is reflecting is to provide an insight into your life, and let The Southend Timeline show it accordingly.  You could be part of the official The Southend Timeline team, we need photographers, local knowledge masters, people of all ages who enjoy discovering, asking questions and making clear the true reflection of the The Southend Timeline in the place you live.  Nothing is so trivial that it can't be included, everyone no matter what you do where you live has a contribution to make, and people now and in the future will want to know how, why, what, who where and when.

So if you have any memories of Southend if you have any photos or memrobilia relating to Southend please get in touch with us here at the Southend Timeline.




Southend Timeline.


These words were written by revered author and newspaper publisher J H Burrows, as part of his preface of his book Southend-on-Sea and District Historical Notes and its sentiments run true through this website: 

These Historical notes have been gradually collected and written over a period of years. The primary intention in presenting them to the public in book form is to counter the too prevalent and erroneous impression that Southend and district possess little or nothing of interest relating to the past. This impression is probably due to the absence of any book which gives in readable form, at a popular price, a sketch of the history of the borough and neighbourhood. The Author hopes in this Volume that need will, to some extent, be met, and result in a growing appreciation of the unique and valuable tradition of service which comes down to us from byegone days.  Many of the episodes have not been treated as exhaustively as they deserved, the aim in this respect having been to indicate the lines upon which historical research should be undertaken.




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