Southend Timeline

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Airships over Southend.

The low droning of an engine had people scanning the sky, for they knew that the noise they could hear and the noise that was getting louder and louder would soon bring death and destruction raining down upon them.

The noise that sounded like a million angry wasps, a hunter that was intent on one thing, finding its target and escaping back to its nest for this hunter was a weapon of terror but at the same time a thing of elegance and grace a killer and a place of pleasure this was no aeroplane but a real giant of the sky the airships were coming.

From what was originally conceived as a machine of war it soon became the luxury ocean line of the sky.  However the life of the airships was relatively short a number of losses saw the giants disappear for decades, and then a resurgents of interest saw a boom in airships however these were much smaller Blimps and no longer were they used for war but as giant flying advertising hoardings.

Monday 10th May 1915: Zeppelin LZ38 Drops incendiaries on Southend killing one injuring two, and starting 15 fires. West Road, & Hamlet Court Road attacked by Zeppelin LZ38 Commanded by Hauptmann Erich Linnarz, unexploded bombs found at Victoria Corner.

Wednesday 26th May 1915: Southend bombed by the Zeppelin LZ38 three killed three injured, 9 fires reported.

1930: R101

Tuesday 26th May 1981: Goodyear Aerospace GZ-20A N2A, operated from Southend airport.




May 1985: Skyship 500 G-BIHN “Swan Lager”

July 1986: Skyship 500 G-BIHN “Fuji Tape”

Saturday 20th August 1988: Fuftschiff WDL1 D-LDFO “Fujifilm”

April 1989: Airship Industries SKS-600 G-SKSC “Esso Unleaded”

Friday 16th June 1995: ABC Lightship A60 N2022B “Mazda” operated from airport.

Monday 21st June 2004: Zeppelin LZN07 JA101Z flew along the Thames Estaury.

Tuesday 12th September 2006: Airship Industries Skyship 600 N605SK over the town “Skoda Roadshow 2006”

Monday 15th September 2008: Unknown Zeppelin airship.



Thursday 1st September 2011: American Blimp Corporation A60 G-HLEL "Goodyear"


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