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Airshow Memorabilia

There have been many different products produced bearing the airshows logo from stickers to badges to t-shirts and baseball caps even lollypops and sticks of rock have all been branded with the airshow logo at some time in the events history.

The Memorabilia has been given away for free or has been sold in the lead up to an airshow or sold on the day.

The free memorabilia has included T-shirts to airshow programmes to sticks of rock and gift packs.  Window stickers advertising the event were produced in 1987 & for the Westcliff Casino airshows these were available to members of the public.  A free T-shirt was produced for the 1988 event when the American beer company Budweiser sponsored the event, these T-shirts are extremely rare to find now.  The 1989 event saw a new sponsor in the form of Network Southeast Gift packs were produced to celebrate the new sponsor these where plastic carrier bags printed with the airshow logo and sponsors advertisement these included a paper hat, event map, poster and tin badge, the 1990 saw the gift packs re-designed to include new event map, poster, hat and badge the plastic bags were made smaller and carried the airshow logo on both sides. The free giveaways continued for the events in 1991 & 1992 this saw the programmes given away for free. The next free give-a-away was at the 2000 event when the newly privatised rail company C2C took over the franchise on the Southend to Fenchurch to celebrate the launch of the new company they displayed one of the new Electrostar trains on the sea front upon boarding the train you were presented with a stick of C2C Southend Airshow Rock! For the Westcliff Casino airshows a mini sticker was produced.

A set of five stickers featuring the towns logo and the Red Arrows has also been produced, one of the smallest items was a mini sticker advertising the Westcliff Casino airshows the sticker was just 4cm x 2cm!

Memorabilia to buy has included: A set of eight postcards released by the Lynn Tait Gallery to celebrate the 1987 they featured views from the 1986 Air Pageant. During the Westcliff Casino backed airshows a whole montage of collectables was released including Bendy Pencils, YoYo's, Goft Pack, Wrist Slapper and a number of other artucles.

Advertising stickers were also produced in 1991 & 1992 however these were never made available to the public but stuck on the front of correspondences sent out by the council.

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