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After an increase in requests for help in seeking information relating to Southend, the Southend Timeline have launched these forums that are provided free of charge to anyone who wants to ask a question about Southend, share a memory or just have a chat.

I would also highly recommend that you pop over to the Facebook group:

Ros Southend Past in photos and Memories.


This forum has been developed for people of all ages so please follow the simple rules set down below to keep it family friendly.

Please keep postings respectful, swearing, racist and homophobic comments will be removed.

Please remember that the Southend Timeline is non-political so this forum is not the place for you if you want to rant and rave about politics.

All inappropriate comments and those falling foul of the above rules will be deleted. Posters whose comments are deleted for these reasons will receive an explanation for removal and it may also be posted on the topic. A second removal will result in that member having their membership deleted.

 It is free to join the Southend Timeline Forum click on the link below.


If you are already registered log in by clicking the link below:



NOTE: Sorry but the Facebook sign in is not currently working.

Please be aware that it might take a day or so for your request to join to be accepted, as I run this website by myself.


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