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Southend Airshow 1986

Monday 26th May 1986

Airshow: 1.
Date: Monday 26th May 1986.
Flying Times: 1:45--—4:15.
Sponsored By: Southend Council.
Theme/Commemorating: Grand Finale to the Spring Festival.
Notes: Also due to appear at the show was the RAF Vintage Pair. The two aircraft a Meteor & a Vampire collided in mid-air the day before at the Mildenhall air show the crew of the Vampire bailed out whilst the crew of the meteor that didn't have ejector sets were killed when the aircraft impacted on the ground.




Flying Programme.

1:45 Jaguar
2:00 Zlin
2:07 Ultimate Pitts
2:14 Tiger Moth girl on the wing
2:21 Fokker Triplane
2:28 Concorde
2:35 Catalina Landing on Sea
2:47 Wallis Autogyro
2:54 Marlborough
3:06 Stampe
3:13 FockleWulf 190
3:20 Spitfire
3:27 Buffer
3:32 Kitty hawk
3:39 RN Historic Flight
3:48 Aces High T33
3:55 Gazelle
4:11 F 15 (fly past)
4:13 Lancaster
4:20 Catalina (take off from sea)
4:27 Corsair
4:34 Unipart Duo
4:44 Toyota Pitts
4:51 F16 (fly past)
4:53 Red Arrows

Additional Items:
British Air Ferries Viscount,
British Air Ferries Herald,
Monarch 757,
Britannia 767.
Orion 737-300,
RAF Falcons,
Ultimate Pitts G-SPIN,
Grumman Widgeon N444N


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