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Welcome to the Aviation in Southend project, we launched the first part of the project on Saturday 26th February 2010, this details the history of Southend Airport and some of the companies that have been based at Southend. 


Southend Airport.

Ever since the first tentative flights Southend Airport has seen many highs and lows from the third busiest airport  in the country to a sleepy backwater for GA traffic.  It currently has ambitious plans by its present owners the Stobart group to bring up to 2million passengers a year into Southend, though a £35million investment package. 

Many famous names have been seen at Southend from the birth of airlines such as Dan Air to the first flights of new aircraft such as the Accountant and Carvair.

 This look back at the history of the airport details the major and minor events in the airports history there is also information on some of the companies that shaped the airports past present and future.





Airport Airshows.

Some of the first airshows to be held in Southend were not over the seafront but at the airport.  


 Airport Fly In's

As well as the full blown airshows held at the airport, it has also hosted a number if fly-in's. 



Accidents & Incidents.

Coming Soon!




Fly Pasts & Other Displays.






The Southend Airshows.

The history of the free seafront airshow that started them all.




Southend Historic Aircraft Museum.

One of the first purpose built aircraft museums in the country. The museum actually started life over the water in Kent. It soon moved to Southend but the project collapsed, with the threat of the scrapmans JCB hanging over the aircraft a second attempt to launch a museum was launced and was a sucsess at first...  


Airships Over Southend.

The low droning of an engine had people scanning the sky, for they knew that the noise they could hear and the noise that was getting louder and louder would soon bring death and destruction raining down upon them. 




Air Raids.

Southend was one of the towns that faced the threat of being bombed during two World wars, with an active RAF airfield and countless ships mustering in convoys off the pier the pickings were ripe for the german war machine.


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