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Southend Bus & Transport Rally.

The event started off as the Southend Vintage Bus Rally in 1974 it was held at Southchurch Park East off Lifstan Way.  The event saw a cavalcade of vintage busses actually go on a rally around the town.  The designated route saw the busses leave the show ground and travel up Lifstan Way—Southchurch Road—London Road—Chalkwell Avenue—First Avenue—Station Road—Cifftown Road—Nelson Street—Alexandra Street—Southend High Street—Pier Hill—Sea Front—Thorpe Bay Avenue—Woodgrange Drive—Liftsan Way.  Most of the busses attending took part in the road rally which took approximately 45minutes.

The rally saw the busses competing for a number of awards.





1.       The Southend Cup,



  The best overall vehicle.

2.       The Norman Richardson Memorial Cup,

  The best Bristol vehicle.

3.       The best double deck.

4.       The best single deck.

5.       The best modern vehicle.

6.       The Allen King Award.

  Travelling the furthest distance under its own power

7.       The best Ex-London vehicle.

8.     Special Award.




Dates of Event:

1st 1974

2nd Sunday 1st June 1975

3rd Sunday 6th June 1976 

4th Sunday 5th June 1977

5th  Sunday 4th June 1978

6th Sunday 3rd June 1979

7th 1980

8th Sunday 7th June 1981

9th  26th May 1982

10th 1983

11th Sunday 3rd June 1984

12th Sunday 3nd June 1985

13th 1986

14th Sunday 7th June 1987

15th 1988

16th Sunday 4th June 1989

17th Sunday 3rd June 1990

18th Sunday 2nd June 1991

19th Sunday 7th June 1992

20th 1993

21st 1994

22nd Sunday 4th June 1995

23rd Sunday 2nd June 1996

24td 1997

25th Sunday 7th June 1998

26th Sunday 6th June 1999

27th Sunday 4th June 2000

28th Sunday 3rd June 2001

29th Sunday 26th May 2002

30th Sunday 1st June 2003

31th Sunday 6th June 2004

32st Sunday 5th June 2005

33rd Sunday 4th June 2006


The event proved hugely popular for many years with the rally running for some 33years before falling numbers of vehicles and begun to affect the viability of the event, then a hammer blow struck when in 2008 the Eastern National Preservation Group who organised and ran the event collapsed with the demise of the organising group the event was scrapped.


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