Southend Timeline

Bringing Your Memories Back to Life


Acknowledgement to the book 'The Dream Palaces of Southend' by Roy Dilley

Opening Show 

Picture Palace 

 Closing Show


 1898Critereon Palace of Varieties, Marine Parade ? Long Gone
 1904Luna Bioscope, Kursaal Cinema 

20 Jul 1940

Bachelor Mother

 Still standing
 7 Jan 1907King's Hall, Westcliff  

20 Jan 1940

The Gang's All Here

 Long Gone
 1908Princes/Avenue/Lyric - Tyler's Ave1929 Became a car park to a pub
 1909Grove Picture Palace, Pier Hill 1920  Long Gone
1909Pier Pavilion/Children's Cinema Jul 1976Demolished
Oct 1909Theatre De Luxe, Victoria Circus 7 Aug 1923Demolished
8 Nov 1909Hippodrome/Gaumont Theatre

12 Oct 1956

A Hill in Korea & Raising a Riot


3 Dec 1910

The Heads of the World

Empire Palace Theatre, Leigh Broadway

9 Dec 1937

Dodsworth & Things are Looking Up

1911Strand/Essoldo, Warrior Sq

14 May 1960

Doctor at Large & Man of the Moment

Jul 1911Garon's Imperial Bioscope/Cinema, High Street

4 May 1963

Atlantis, The Lost Continent & It Started in Naples

Demolished, replaced by shops
May 1911Gem Electric, Victoria Circus1922Demolished
12 Oct 1912Palace Theatre, London RoadStill OpenStill used for film shows
1912Henry's Hall, Leigh1915Derelict


Mascot Cinema, London Road, Westcliff

27 Oct 1964

Ursus and the Land of Fire

Destroyed by Fire

10 May 1913

Palace Cinema, Shoebury

5 Mar 1955

She's Back on Broadway & Kid Nightingale

Still Standing

Apr 1914

Coliseum, Elm Road, Leigh

22 May 1965

Send Me No Flowers

Bingo Conversion

Dec 1919

Star Cinema, West Street 1932Demolished

31 May 1920 

Flame of Life & A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Rivoli,  Alexandra Street

4 Nov 1961 

Still Standing  



23 Oct 1954


 6th Mar 1929

The Plaza, Southchurch

21st Nov 1959

Mighty Joe Young & Where Danger Lies

Still Standing

 25th Oct 1929

Corona, Leigh Road, Leigh

4 Apr 1959

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Great American Pastime

Converted into a snooker hall

 14th Feb 1935

Nell Gwyn & What Happened Then

The Ritz, Pier Hill

Mar 1972

True Grit & El Dorado

Became a bingo hall then demolished

 15th Jul 1935

Brewsters Millions & False Witness

Astoria/Odeon, High St



 1st Mar 1938

Talza Hall/New Vic

26 Sep 1959

The Strange Desire of Monsieur Bard & The Aristocrats


 10th Apr 1939

Kentucky & My Bill

Metropole, Westcliff


 7th Jun 1962 

Escape From Zahrain

ABC - Alexandra Street


Still Standing 


Cliffs Pavilion 




Odeon, Victoria Plaza


Town's Main Cinema


Film festival Various Locations


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