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Cold War Defence Boom


The current Boom was built in 1944 replacing the wooden structure which was rapidly demolished, the new Boom is located 100 yards (91 m) east of the original.  This was constructed by sinking re-enforced concrete piles into the seabed, stretching  to the sandbanks 2miles off shore.  The Boom on the Kent coat was never replaced, with the 1939/40 Boom being demolished as a hazard to shipping.


A few sections have been removed whilst other parts have collapsed, the roadway has long been removed leaving just the re-enforced piles and bracing in place, corrosion is evident across the entire structure with the bracing showing very heavy corrosion and a number of the re-enforced piles showing signs of splitting and bursting from the metal corroding inside the concrete, however this said the structure dose still appear to be fairly sound and should last many more years.


Today fifty five years after the Cold War Boom was constructed and decades after it was abandoned, strangely it is still covered by the 1953 Official Secrets Act and it is "forbidden" to photograph it!


The Shoebury Boom sits as a monument to the last, slowly decaying, slowly being taken by the sea.





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