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Documents of War.


As part of its aim to present a concise history of Southend on Sea the Southend Timeline has collected a wide range of artefacts that have an undeniable link with the town such as town guides, however every now and then artefacts in the collection do not directly have a real link to the town but in the whole context they do...

With mass published works such as the pamphlets that were published for nationwide delivery such as those issued by the Home Guard during World War Two.  These were standard publications across the country so regional issues were not produced but they have a link to the town as they were issued during a time we were at war,

Then there are localised publications such as the Air Raid Precautions Publications (ARP) towns set up their own groups, each group would publish their own notes for those volunteers serving, these are a vitally important part of the town’s history, much more so than the nationally published pamphlets as the numbers published were millions fewer on a local level than those issued nationally, in fact the locally produced publications for households would only read in to the tens of thousands so fewer would have survived, but those intended for volunteers would see only 100 or so produced meaning far fewer would have survived, preserving and saving these for the future is a must.

The Southend Timeline is slowly putting together a collection of both the nationally issued leaflets and booklets and a more localised collection, the core of the collection being the locally issued documents.

The collection will not just start at the declaration of war but will feature items issued in the lead up to the war, and as rationing continued until many years after he war items issued after Victory in Japan when the guns finally fell silent.

There will also be a special newspapers section for newspapers that were published during the war years.

This article has been broken down in to two separate sections:

National Documents

This section is for the information leaflets and booklets that were published on a national scale.



Southend Documents

This section is for those only published for Southend.



Southend ARP Publications

This section is for the Air Raid Precautions Publications issued in the Borough



This section is for some of the local newspapers published during the First World War.




The documents are shared here are in as high and large image size as storage will permit.

The collection of publications seen in this article are all housed within the Southend Timeline collection, they have been collected as part of the wider scope of the wars and the way they effected everyday life within the Borough.

The First World War items have been collected from a number of private collectors over a number of years.

The majority of the Second World War items have been acquired from various private sales, these have in the most part all come from a dispersed collection originating from Thorpe Bay.


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