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Kursaal Tickets

The Kursaal was the worlds first theme park, and was at one time full of white knuckle rides and a spectacular sprung floor ballroom.  Day long tickets could be bought to gain entry to the park.  After its closure the decay and dereliction set it, until it was restored as an indoor entertainment complex whilst it was free to enter there were tickets available...





Date: 29th May 1948

Ticket Type: Kursaal Building & Gardens

Date: 8th December 1970.

Ticket Type: Old peoples Dinner & Transport to and from the event via Southend Corporation Transport



Date: Late 1990's

Ticket Type: Prize Ticket (the more you collected the bigger prize you could swap them for)

Date: Unknown.

Ticket Type: Coin used for fruit machines



 Date: 1998.

Ticket Type: Collectable Coin that could be used in the arcade.


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