Southend Timeline

Bringing Your Memories Back to Life

Welcome to a major new feature on the Southend Timeline.

A long held dream has been to create models of Southend's landmarks throughout the ages, of landmarks that are long gone to landmarks that are still standing. 

All replicated in that ever popular toy Lego.

Where possible a brick count is included, as are photos and brief description of the work being under take.

Obviously it takes a lot of time (and money) to build these models as no Lego instructions have ever existed of the landmarks.  

These models will mostly be static however plans are to make some animated but that is a major task. 

Links will be added as and when models are completed

Queen Victoria.

Southend Central Museum. 

Peter Pans Noah's Ark

The Swinging Axe

Routemaster Bus

Cliff Lift

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