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The Marinas

There have been a number of schemes proposed to build a marina in Southend with at least eight being proposed since 1970 none of these have ever got as far as reality, some made it as far as models whilst others only made it as far as an artist impression.


1960's - 70's Proposal

One of the Marina projects would have seen Eastern Esplanade entirely change with a new sea front and marina being built.  A car ferry service would have linked Southend to Sheerness and continental ports.  A Monorail service would have also been built linking the major elements of the marina, to the High Street and on to a direct link to the Southend Victoria and Southend Central stations on the British Rail main line to London.

It was estimated that the build would have taken between 4-5 years to build.


1.       Residential

2.       Hotel/Restaurant

3.       Exhibition Hall

4.       Open Air Exhibition Hall

5.       Holiday Chalets

6.       Boat Building/Chandlery

7.       Private Mooring Chalets

8.       Botel

9.       Admin/police/Fire

10.   Sports Complex

11.   Restaurant

12.   Yacht Club/Theatre/Nightclub

13.   Shopping

14.   Marine Village

15.   Nightclub/restaurant

16.   Hotel

17.   Casino

18.   Fishermans’ Chalets

19.   Customs & Excise

20.   Lock Control

21.   Covered Parking

22.   Pier Leisure Complex

23.   Ferry Terminal

24.   Fuel Station

25.   Park/Recreational

26.   Fun Fair

27.   Flat /Office Development

28.   Open Air Theatre

29.   Boating Pool

30.   Land Authority Housing & Holiday Accommodation

31.   Hotel/Botel

32.   School

33.   Police/First Aid

34.   Shopping Complex/Precincts/Maisonettes/Flats/Public House

35.   Children’s Reception & Play Centre

36.   Go-Cart & Mini Car Tracks

37.   Seaside Traders

38.   Shopping Complex/Precincts/Maisonettes/Flats

39.   Restaurants/Public House

40.   Hotel Shops

41.   Rotunda L/A Administration

42.   Entertainments Centre

43.   “Disneyland”/Swimming Pool



1970's-80's Proposals.

A much more ambitious marina scheme was announced in the 1970’s/80’s for a marina built on its own island!

It would be connected to the main land via bridges and the pier.  Attractions would have included a sports centre, hotel, housing, golf course, swimming pools and other facilitys.

The island

 Fun Pools



The island and sea water lagoon.


1980's Proposal

A much more modest scheme was proposed in the mid-1980's this was to be built arund the old Corporation Loading Pier and designed as a haven for Tall Ships.

2008 Marina:

A £100million proposal was put forward plan for a marina on Southend seafront, the scheme by a consortium of Southend businessmen led by Don Ladell, joint owner of the Seaking boatyard in Leigh old town.  The proposal was centred round the now demolished Corporation Loading Pier, with new concrete piers being built to encompass an area of the foreshore as the main mooring facility.


The marina was designed to take up to 80 yachts as was predicted to be open by 2012, providing planning permission was quickly granted. The proposed design would have had a Victorian design and have been called “Southend Victoria Marina.”


Other members of the marina consortium included Laurrie Hilsum, a Lloyds broker, and Michael Johnson, of the former Leigh boatbuilding family, Johnson, Son and Jago.


The main marina building would have included a home to a new yacht club.  The scheme just faded away and the Corporation Loading Pier has since been demolished.




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