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                                                                                         World War 2:

The Ministry of Information, War Office & Ministry of Home Security.

The threat of invasion prompted the evacuation of most of Southend's children to what were deemed safer parts of the country, those left behind were issued with leaflets giving details on the threat of a land based attack by the forces of Nazi Germany.


June 1940: If The Invader Comes:


NOTE: Apologies for the poor quality of the image above the original leaflet has suffered from fading 


May 1941: Beating The Invader: 



June 1941: What You Should Know About Invasion Danger: 




10th June 1941: Danger of Invasion:



Undated: Stay Where You Are:



 Advice was also given on the known types of weapons in use by the enemy and what to do in situations involving an air raid to gas attacks.


April 1941: What to do About Gas:



1st August 1942: Phosphorus And Other Bombs Now Being Used by The Enemy:

 NOTE: The above page in in very poor condition, it has split almost in two and in only just holding together.


 July 1941: Incendiary Attack on farm And Field:



                                                   Ministry of Pensions


 February 1942:

                                                                                     Civil Defence:

 Founded by the Home Office in 1935 the Civil Defence Service was a civilian volunteer organisation, it would replace the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Service in 1941, the ARP continued to operate as part of the Civil Defence.

The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS), fire watchers, rescue teams, first aid post staff and the stretcher party would all fall under the Civil Defence umbrella.

During the war over 1.9 million people served with the Civil Defence with nearly 2,400 losing their lives to enemy action whilst serving their country.



July 1939: Evacuation Why & How:





August 1939: Fire Precautions in War Time:


July 1939: Some Things You Should Know if War Should Come:



July 1939: Your Food in War Time:




July 1939: Your Gas Mask



December 1940: After the Raid.  



Undated: Information & Instructions.









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