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Southend's Past General Election Results  

Starting in 1885 when Southend was for the first time represented by a Member of Parliament, we look back at the way the electorate voted.  There are two accounts, a snapshot, listed below, capturing the winners, as well as a detailed view showing all the results 

In Detail

You could be given the impression Southend has always voted 'Blue'.  However, in 1906, when men only had the vote, Southend turned orange: read the story here



UK General Elections and Southend's Blue Line 

 Date Prime Minister Southend MP Majority
12/01/1885 The Marquess of Salisbury Col WT Makins 107
05/08/1886 The Marquess of Salisbury Maj FC Rasch 842
04/08/1892 William Gladstone Maj FC Rasch 542
12/08/1895 The Marquess of Salisbury Maj FC Rasch 1,354
03/12/1900 The Marquess of Salisbury Col E Tufnell 1,354
13/02/1906 Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman Rowland Whitehead 2,060
15/02/1910 Herbert Henry Asquith JHM Kirkwood 1,911
31/01/1911 Herbert Henry Asquith Rupert Guinness Unopposed
14/12/1918  David Lloyd George Rupert Guinness  8,150
15/11/1922  Andrew Bonar Law Rupert Guinness 6,881
06/12/1923  Stanley Baldwin Rupert Guinness 113
29/10/1924  Ramsay MacDonald Rupert Guinness 12,493
30/05/1929  Ramsay MacDonald Gwendolen Guinness  5,721
27/10/1931  Ramsay MacDonald Gwendolen Guinness 37,823
14/11/1935 Stanley Baldwin Henry Channon 24,931
05/07/1945  Clement Attlee Henry Channon 5,721

 Rupert Guinness

 Gwendolen Guinness

Henry Chips Channon 

 Date Prime Minister

 Southend West MP

 Majority Southend East MP Majority
23/02/1950Clement Attlee

Henry Channon


Sir Stephen McAdden

25/10/1951 Sir Winston ChurchillHenry Channon 21,755Sir Stephen McAdden 4,610
26/05/1955Sir Anthony EdenHenry Channon 18,460Sir Stephen McAdden 6,758
08/10/1959Harold Macmillan

Paul Channon

 17,035Sir Stephen McAdden 7,725
15/10/1964Harold WilsonPaul Channon 11,007Sir Stephen McAdden 3,367
31/03/1966 Harold WilsonPaul Channon 11,857Sir Stephen McAdden 317
18/06/1970Edward HeathPaul Channon 16,885Sir Stephen McAdden 6,960
28/02/1974Harold WilsonPaul Channon 3,595Sir Stephen McAdden 4,952
10/10/1974  Harold WilsonPaul Channon 7,071Sir Stephen McAdden 4,603
03/05/1979 Margaret ThatcherPaul Channon 16,864Sir Stephen McAdden 10,774
09/06/1983 Margaret Thatcher

Paul Channon


Sir Teddy Taylor

11/06/1987 Margaret ThatcherPaul Channon 8,400Sir Teddy Taylor 13,847
09/04/1992 John MajorPaul Channon 11,902Sir Teddy Taylor 13,111
01/05/1997Tony Blair

David Amess

 2,615Sir Teddy Taylor 4,225
07/06/2001 Tony BlairDavid Amess 7,941Sir Teddy Taylor 7,034
05/05/2005Tony BlairDavid Amess 8,959

James Dudderidge

06/05/2010Hung ParliamentDavid Amess 7,270James Dudderidge11,050


 Sir Stephen McAdden Paul Channon Sir Teddy Taylor David Amess James Dudderidge
























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