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Police Safety Day

The annual Police Safety Day was held in Southchurch Park East, the event focused on the work of the police but also had the other emergebcy services on show.

As well at the Emergency Services sideshows were also put on there was also an arena display thiese included such as like the British Army's white helmets motorcycle display team and some very bizarre acts...

Little information surrives on this event so any help filling out the details of it would be of great help. contact me here:

These photos are from my personal collection and feature yours truely...from many many years ago.

August 1981 (I was 6 years old)

My brother Andy and Myself (short sleeves) next to a giant Buzby Bird the old mascot for British Telecom.


My brother Andy and Myself (short sleeves) with a CHiPs cop.


One of the arena events would feature giant inflatable dinosaurs battling it out.



If you can help with any further details please contact me here:




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