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Southend Airport

Ever since the first tentative flights Southend Airport has seen many highs and lows from the third busiest airport  in the country to a sleepy backwater for GA traffic.  It currently has ambitious plans by its present owners the Stobart group to bring up to 2million passengers a year into Southend, though a £35million investment package. 

Many famous names have been seen at Southend from the birth of airlines such as Dan Air to the first flights of new aircraft such as the Accountant and Carvair.

 This look back at the history of the airport details the major and minor events in the airports history there is also information on some of the companies that shaped the airports past present and future.


The Southend Airport Diary.

This section is laid out in chronological in a diary form.


1909-1914 Pre Airport

 In the years before the airport opened people were already taking to or at least trying to!


1915-1934: The First World War.

The airfield opens in defence of the country. 


1935-1946: The War Years.

With the civilian airport operating the dark clouds of war were looming over the horizon.


1946-1960: Civilian Life.

With peace the airport returned to civilian life and would soon become a major hub of aviation in the United Kingdom.


1960-1980:  Boom to Bust.

With the continued boom the bubble suddenly burst.


1980-2000: Struggling on.

After the bubble burst the airport struggled to surrive. 



2000-Present A New Dawn.

With new owners the airport begun to turn its fortunes arround but it still struggled to attract the real investment it needed until a new operater arrived, and with them a whole new era for the airport was born.


 The Squadrons.


World War One Squadrons

The RFC squadrons that operated out of the airfield during the Great War.



World War Two Squadrons

The RAF Squadrons that operated out of the airfield durng the Second World War.




The Companies



Aviation Traders.

Sir Freddie Lakers Aviation Traders, the company and its aircraft.


British Air Ferries.

The most well known airline to operate out of Southend Airporrt.


Heavy Lift Cargo Airlines.

An-outsize cargo flyer with a unloved ex-RAF freighter.




Another Southend airline.



Another of Southend's airlines


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