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Southends Other Piers.

There was a time that the Southend foreshore was bristling with piers, no fewer than four jutted out to sea. 

However only one of these was ever open to the public and that one is still standing and still open it is of course Southend Pier the world’s longest pleasure pier.

What of the other three piers:

The first of these was the Corporation Loading Pier was used by the local council to load and off load cargo from the flat bottomed Thames Barge's that plied their trade up and down the Thames.

The second of these was the Gasworks Pier, a pier whose construction was at first rejected so the gas company built it anyway...

The third was shrouded in secretary and hidden away from the public gaze inside a top secret Ministry of Defence site.

Then there was one last “pier” something that even eclipsed Southend Pier for length for this was the Boom a Second World War defence located at Shoeburyness.

Only one of these piers survives today, with one being replaced, the replacement stands as a decaying monument to an era if fear and distrust the era of the cold war...

Corporation Loading Pier



Gasworks Pier



Barge Pier



WW2 Defence Boom



Cold War Defence Boom


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