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South Trek

South Trek was a convention for Star Trek and Sci Fi fans.  

The event was aranged by the Southend based Sci Fi club "Orion" who began life in June 1982.

The first South Trek event was held in 1995, it  was held on 2nd September at the Jolly Fisherman Pub on Southend Pier Head, the event started at 10:30am and closed at 11:00pm.  The day included showings of Classic Star Trek, Star Trek Next generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager, as well as the showing of the programs there was also make up demonstrations, dealers tables and "shore leave" were group visits were made to thew Sealife centre and Pater Pans.

The next South Trek event was held in 1997, in the time since the previous South Trek the event had grown to last three days and had a new venue it had moved to  the hexagonal pavilion on Southend Pier Head.

South Trek 97 started on Friday 5th September and had the UK premieres of  "Before & After" & "Displaced"  from the 3rd season of Star Trek Voyager.

A convention book was sold for £1.50 with all proceeds going to the RNLI.

Video Program Friday 5th September 1997:
Intro to South Trek 97
10:15 The commitee intro
10:30 Star Trek cartoon "Yesteryear"
11:00 Star Trek Classic "Metamorphosis"
12:00 Star Trek TNG "Yesterdays Enterprise"
12:45 Star Trek Spoofs
1:00pm Star Trek Voyager "Before & After"
1:46 The Movie Show
2:00 Star Trek DS9 "Children of Time"
3:00 Live Stage Event
4:00 The life and times of Gene Roddenberry
5:00 The Making of First Contact, Sci Fi Channel E! Doc First Contact
6:00 Star Trek DS9 (episode tbc)
7:00 Star Trek TNG "The High Ground" uncut version
7:45 Star Trek DS9 behind the scenes ith Terry Farrel
8:35 closedown

Video Program Saturday 6th September 1997:
Intro to South Trek 97
10:15 The stage intro
10:30 Star trek Voyager US Pilot episode with intro by Gene Roddenberry
11:00 Star Trek Classic "The Trouble with Tribbles"
11:50 Star Trek DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations"
12:30 Inside Star Trek Voyager inro by Robert D McNeil (Tom Paris in Voyager)
1:30 To boldy go where no quiz has been before
2:00 Main stage event
3:00 Star Trek TNG "A Fist Full of Datas"
4:00 Star Trek Voyager "Scorpion"
5:30 MTV Star Trek Big Picture Program
6:00 Babylon 5 "War Without End" parts 1 & 2
7:45 Visitors choice
9:35 Closedown

Video Program Sunday 7th September 1997:
Intro to South Trek 97
10:15 The stage intro
10:30 Star Trek Classic "The Cage" intro by Patrick Stewart
12:00 Star Trek Voyager "Displaced"
1:00 E! Doc Inside Star Trek UK premiere.
2:00 main stage event
3:00 The X Files "Small Potatos"
3:45 the future of Multi-media
4:00 Star Trek 30 Years & Beyond
5:00 Star Trek TNG (pilot episode) Encounter at Farpoint
6:30 Star Trek DS9 "Call to Arms"
7:15 South Trek 97 Closing Cermony

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