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The Gasworks Jetty


The Southend Gas Works Jetty this was built in 1895 despite the fact that Southend Council had refused it planning permission demanding it be re-designed, the gas board built it anyway getting round the refusal by building the pier in Southchurch at that time not absorbed in to Southend this happened two years later in 1897 by which time the pier was up and operating.

At the time of the refusal the Gas Company were richer than the new council which had only been formed in 1882.

The Gas Company did take Southend Councils request about a design change in to mind when they built the structure, the newly re-designed pier had a unique feature to its design one that stuck two fingers up at the Council, it was built with a kink in it to represent the boundary kink between Southend & Southchurch!

The Gas Works Jetty was an Iron and wood pier that straddled the Eastern Esplanade Road in to the Gas Works site.  The pier operated until the closure of the Gas Works Site in 1968 this saw the rapid demolition of the Jetty and gasworks site.

The 5 hectare Gasworks site itself laid empty and unused for 36 years, in August 2004 work commenced on the cleansing of the site, it is currently under re-development, it had previously been considered uneconomical to use the land because of the high level of contamination of hydrocarbons and by heavy metals on the site polluted over the years of use, further investigation also found that much of the underground facilities used in gasworks were still in-situ including gas tanks & feeder pipes, the original hard standings were also discovered be heavily contaminated

The clean up project has included, the removal of the tanks and pipes the removal cleaning and replenishment of contaminated land has also been carried out to remove any pollutants from the site with 75% of the original soil re-used.  A total of some 15,000 cubic meters of soil was cleaned and re-used on the site.  Once this was completed plans were given the go-ahead for the site to be re-developed.  Once complete the site will house 200 residential units and associated amenities, health centre and hotel.



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